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Talking with Jesus! How exciting! How awesome! Is it really possible in the 20th century? We know Adam and Eve talked with God, and the 12 disciples walked and talked with Jesus, but is it still possible today to dialogue with Jesus?
This book demonstrates that, “Yes” it is! It is possible to hear the Master’s voice. It is possible to be led by both His written and spoken word. Christ’s death tore the veil from top to bottom so that all of mankind could come and commune with the Father. In this book you will experience the lovely, and powerful words of our Lord and Savior as He speaks through both His written and spoken words. You will find a year of devotional study, as you hear His heartfelt love reaching out to you, touching you and healing you. Jesus said, “My words are life.” You will be saturated with His life as you devour His words in the pages that follow.
I thank Evelyn Klumpenhouwer for taking the time to record and share with all of us the beauty of her inner walk with the Master. It is a gift that I and many others will treasure for years to come. Thank you Evelyn.
But now in turning to you the reader. Maybe you can’t hear His voice in the midst of your heart. Maybe you can’t record the beautiful loving, healing words He is speaking within you. There was a day that I couldn’t. However the Lord answered my heart’s cry by having me invest a year of my life into learning to discern His voice. That year He taught me four simple keys that unlocked the door to two-way prayer.
I have taught those keys to over 1 million people and found that all who apply them find that they too can begin to write and record the words the Lord is speaking within their hearts. It is not hard. One simply must become like a child, and understand the simply basics of experiencing God in the Spirit World. I teach these four keys in my book, Dialogue With God, which is made available at the close of this book. If you need help in learning to hear and record your dialogue with Jesus, I encourage you to avail yourself of this book.
It is not often that the writer of a forward recommends another book along with the one he is writing the forward for. However Evelyn herself says that the principles taught in Dialogue With God were what allowed her to begin writing her own dialogue with Jesus. Therefore, for many these books will go hand in hand, bringing them into a whole new place of spiritual intimacy with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I believe Talking With Jesus is the beginning of a vast array of books which will demonstrate in many ways that man truly can have ongoing intimacy with their Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ. I give this book my highest recommendation, and shall find myself feasting on its pages for years to come. Take it and share it with a friend.

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